I'm excited to debut "Whales Keep Carbon Out of the Atmosphere" — my first video! This poem was originally published by The Pinch journal in Fall 2019, but I wanted to try making it into a video to bring out its visual and auditory potential. Tom Roppelt — whose creativity knows no bounds! — wrote the music especially for this film. 

"Ocean Deep (or 'The Waters')" in The Laurel Review's Contemporary Jewish Poetry Anthology

Excerpt from "Fresh Water" in ONE ART

"From Pole to Pole (or My Utopia)" and "Mountains" in Marrow Magazine

"The Mechitza" in Allium

“The Tree Line” and “Chevrutah” in Tribes Magazine

"I Hope Your Birthday Is So Beautiful, It Hurts to Look at It" in Mayday Magazine

"The Tides Turn the Land Into Sea and the Sea Into Land" in The Indianapolis Review

"On the Fullness of Emptiness" in Thimble

“Happy People” in The Southern Review

“Diving Suit” and “Elephant Doors” in Nine Mile Magazine

“New York Jew” in Many Loops

“Salaam” in Many Loops

“The Cleanup Crew at the Western Wall” in Many Loops

“Unreal” in Poets Reading the News

“Shrouds Are Made Without Pockets” in Atticus Review

“I Remember Wells of Nausea Worse Than Pain” in JAMA

“My Son Distrusts People Who Are Happy All the Time” and “Oceans are warming at the same rate as if five Hiroshima bombs were dropped in every second” in The 2River View

“Meleke, the Royal Stone, a White Coarse Crystalline Limestone” in Bodega

“Letter to my aunts, uncles, and cousins who want to know the date of my son's bar mitzvah” in Ghost City Review

“The Cleanup Crew at the Western Wall” and “The Front Gates of the Jewish Graveyard in Cairo” in Clarion

“Jerusalem” broadsheets, Pen & Anvil Press

“I am used to keeping secrets about my body” in Rattle (included in the anthology Choice Words (Haymarket), edited by Annie Finch.)

“The Dolls’ House at Windsor Castle” in Breakwater Review

“Whales Keep Carbon Out of the Atmosphere” in The Pinch

“Goy Means Nation” and “The Earth” in Lily Poetry Review

Named top-ten finalist in 2017 Split Lip Press Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest 

“Eat the Pears” and “Lessons from Suburbia” in Breakfast All Day, a menu-style chapbook from Pen & Anvil Press

“Mandatory Palestine” in Love’s Executive Order

“What I Meant” in The Good Men Project

“I Buried the Workweek” in The Good Men Project (nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

“In Europe, Mothers Enjoy Two Years of Maternity Leave” in The Good Men Project

“The Hammock” in Knee-Jerk Magazine

“There Was a Man Named Job” in Juxtaprose

“Code” and “Mad Mad Mad Mad” in Lime Hawk

“‘Pain Scares Me Stupid,’ She Said” in Literary Orphans

“The Trumpet Player” and “Long Suffering” in PANK (plus an interview with me in PANK's "Lightening Room" blog)

“Retirement” in Matter

‟Happy New Year” in Black Heart Magazine (included in Best of Black Heart 2014)

‟Placenta” in Two Hawks Quarterly

‟The Worst Thing Is” in Two Hawks Quarterly

‟Mollusk” in The Charles River Journal


Earlier work in Epicenter and Clarion